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    "We can't just sit and wait like this, otherwise if the other party comes directly to the door, won't we be done!? And if this Lam Ninh Vuong Han is really so powerful, why don't you fight? with him first?" "?" I discovered! This is a man with an R-rank medal. Normally, with the power of this R-rank medal, this man can kill you in a few seconds when dealing with you! But you talked to us before. , you said his strength is equal to yours!" The third person stood up, he looked very seriously at Buto in front of him.

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    Let's talk until the end! If Butuo is really a kind man, someone who really cares about us, and really because one of our brothers was killed by Li Luyuan, then he should try his best to help Lanning Wang Han deal with Li Luyuan, right? That will help our brother get his revenge! But the truth, why? The truth was that he chose to side with the strong instead of Lanning Wang Han, who at that time looked very weak. The logic of this issue itself is problematic. I don't believe that Butuo doesn't know what's wrong with this matter, and doesn't know the truth about Dou Mi En but Mi Qiu... Hehe, but after he knows that, what about him, isn't he helping? Is Ly Lo Nguyen dealing with our benefactor Lan Ninh Vuong Han? Everyone said nothing, this man seemed to have gotten the point across. So at this point, do you still think that Butuo is completely ignorant? Do you really think he is completely on our brother's side? Do you really think he considers us brothers?! He sneered coldly, his eyes filled with pessimism and a bit of determination, "The problem we face now is very simple, let's see if this Lan Ninh Vuong Han will come to deal with us, there are two consequences. If Lanning Wang Han doesn't come to deal with us, we are safe, we should eat and drink, there will be no problem, if Lanning Wang Han comes to deal with us, then we don't need to be afraid, because we are absolutely not the opponent of this Lanning Wanghan, but the opponent is a man with a rank R medal! Then, he will not need to do anything towards yourself, and say it directly while letting their Lanning family come forward to protect our family, privately. Just directly persecute our family members, we will definitely obediently obey!"

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    "Yes, there are many. If you go gradually inside, you can see a breathtaking view with small sunken cemeteries on both sides. I've never been there, but just heard about it. I didn't expect to. this kind of situation. The thing really happened, you really went to such a ruin and came back intact." Porphyrin said with a smile.

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    Why was Lanning Wang Han able to get the R-level medal? Everyone is thinking about this question, and everyone's thoughts are different, but even though everyone is now filled with such unbelievable thoughts, they still cannot directly express their inner feelings. In a situation where the entire Zhanzheng academy was surprisingly quiet, their hearts could be said to be in chaos! ... Just kidding, I said this guy was a deserter, but later I heard that this guy has an R-level medal! So, if anyone with an R-grade medal can be called a deserter, then what are those without an R-grade medal? The dog is running! ?

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    don't know where this guy's courage comes from. Two shields have been placed here. These shields are much more difficult than your steel needle! You even wore a pair for me. You look so happy, I don't know how you can act so calm, it seems like you can normally pretend to be a man! Ha ha ha!

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    "Let's go! If you really want to understand the quality of the original, I can change the choice I made that year, it can be said that everything truly begins again. If you really give me this chance, there is Maybe I wouldn't have left humanity to go to Van Co Dam and Penglai that year, maybe I would have stayed to be an ordinary person next to them, those people or things probably wouldn't have gone to such a development perspective. ." Vuong Han thought to himself. a light sigh.

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    The so-called source quality license means, for example, this cup... well... why this cup! Lanning Xiaoxi scratched his head, "For example, I made a cup myself, this cup is the same. There are only two uses, one is for trading, and the other is for you to use."

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    ... The Tree Man's body went limp on the spot. If it weren't for the bark on him, he would probably have fallen directly to the ground right now. The other teachers looked at each other for a while. Look at this. The Tree Man was unbelievably embarrassed. Although they had some mental preparation, when the incident actually happened, they were caught off guard. The tree man looked at Vuong Han and muttered: "You really did it, it was really you who did it. You really hurt me, I directly accepted a disciple who has no fighting ability. I'm afraid that in three years I won't accept this disciple to teach him directly, otherwise I don't know how much time he will need. time to get the R-level medal! And you really have something... You can directly condense the other party's source quality skills on the spot... It seemed like at the time , you still have power far beyond the level R medal."

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    Ah, I don't want to go directly to the battlefield, I can plan all kinds of tricks directly from behind! and she seemed young, about fifteen, sixty-seven, but her expression now was very confused, and she could see a lot of unhappiness in her eyes, especially through her eyes. her dark blue eyes. The more she thought about it, the more embarrassed the giant starfish was locked in a cage in front of her.

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    This is a phenomenon that Wang Han discovered while observing, "The center does not seem to be the same as what Lanning Xiaoxi said before. It is not something that all the states and counties created together . On the contrary, I strongly doubt that this center is born. It exists, that is, the state and district themselves do not create the center, but only know how to use the center, otherwise, if they have could directly create this kind of center, their level of computing power wouldn't be that bad, you must know that the current World also has a lifespan of tens of millions of years."

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    Oh my god, what the hell is this Vuong Han! A month ago, comprehensive computing power was just 1 point! Now the computing power has directly reached 28 points! ? Is this something humans can do? ! What a funny story!

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    "We can't just sit and wait like this, otherwise if the other party comes directly to the door, won't we be done!? And if this Lam Ninh Vuong Han is really so powerful, why don't you fight? with him first?" "?" I discovered! This is a man with an R-rank medal. Normally, with the power of this R-rank medal, this man can kill you in a few seconds when dealing with you! But you talked to us before. , you said his strength is equal to yours!" The third person stood up, he looked very seriously at Buto in front of him.

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    Oh is that so. Wang Han understood, so he could consider taking this SR medal. The things that a simple S-class medal could do were still limited. Now he really wanted to look behind the center. What is it? a simple thing condensed from a state or district, or is the center a complex thing naturally formed by the source? Anyway, since we've come to this point, we might as well do it all at once, then Vuong Han, while the others were trembling, said: "Then let's do this, everyone, please help me evaluate SR- level medal, just like you guys Now have time."

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    The same goes for the Group's talent badge. To control talent, one must have existing calculation ability. If there is a way to analyze the calculation ability, there is a way to coordinate the source. quality, you can stimulate results. About computing power itself That is the most important thing, the method is not so important, there are too many different methods, with computing power is everything, with computing power is the existence of a position. king... "Vuong Han felt a bit sad thinking about this, "But now I am just a giant sea star born from a-3 long planet. In essence, our computing power is at the same level as -3. Devouring other people's computing power to grow. a-3 Compared to my biological mother, no matter how I was born, I cannot surpass her calculating power. Only after I get my own computing power, I can eat, slowly increase my computing power, then through studying will increase my computing power... and I'm just a kid The baby was just born and was not born as ferocious as the energy field calculated by a-1000 star ball."

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    The key is that other people don't care about this kind of thing at all, he didn't even come forward to explain, obviously he is also an old man, painting it darker and darker is not good, anyway, let's Resolve it coldly. Contemplate with others whether they don't want it every day. After cultivating, do you need to earn computing power in daily life? After a period of at most half a year, you will completely forget about it, and even if he really is a coward, no one will remember it. The tree teacher said, "After that, I thought about this kind of person and decided not to go to him. There is no way for someone like him to do such an earth-shattering thing, he is like As someone said, he is a turtle with his head withdrawn, only knows how to mutter behind his back. When something really happens, he doesn't have the slightest courage, and can only curl up in his room, not daring to move. "

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    “…Monster mouth, can you believe it?” The monster spat, "Get out of here, don't bother me hunting."

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    If you really want to reach this level, then this type of person must have one characteristic.

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    "YES!" Giang Lam Phong nodded repeatedly, looking at Vuong Han with admiration.

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    Your disciple? Hearing that, An Kha immediately laughed coldly, "You still call yourself master? What did you give him? Do you really think you are so powerful? Thinking about your own fighting ability, these past few years, fighting power is only about 10,000 years." Anke said, looking at Porphyrin's very unsightly expression, but he didn't care at all, and continued, "Then when we talk next, please don't call me master. He called himself, he basically Without a weak master like you, his obsession with cultivation is even more incomparable to someone like you who fishes for three days and dries his nets for two days, and you also have no way to experience him every time he practices. Painful despair, when you don't know anything, do you really consider yourself a great person just because of your weak natural talent? You really feel that your disciple has grown up, all of this is because of yourself Yourself? You don't "You don't think so, do you? Anyway, I think that as a so-called ranger, you still need to have some face, but you also have to have some self-knowledge, right? Then figure it out, don't say that, and don't say anything in my next conversation, just quietly listen to my report like this."

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    “Did Co Hoai Yen tell you to come here?” Hearing that, Vuong Han was a little confused, "She had been to Skyline decades ago, she also knew what Skyline looked like inside, it could be said to be extremely dangerous, a critic Was very excited when the two or three out of 200 large groups of new survivors, so with such a high death rate, knowing that Skyline is rushing preparations this time, why would she want to kill you? Push it out? And let you enter the Heavenly Seal? Isn't this putting you in deep danger, or direct death?"

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    Come out and see what computing power is like. This time I won't call Lanning Xiaoxi. Let her practice well. I'm leaving and coming back quickly. It can be completed in half an hour. As Wang Han said, he freely controlled the mind of the mannequin in the room. After the mannequin lost its supply, its body, which had been completely destroyed by the steel needle, immediately turned into a mass of people. The smoke was quickly transformed into its original, central quality in the room. Vuong Han looked at the center's actions, a trace of relief flashed in his eyes, I wonder what level the center's comprehensive computing power can reach? And if I have One day I can condense something that the center cannot analyze back. I may have become the strongest person in the entire state and county alliance, but being the strongest person in the state and county has no meaning. My first time ."

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    Alright! Are you all ready? We'll get on the train later, and we'll go to Skyline! We will let you know the specifics on board, and now you finally check your belongings. After confirming that there are no problems, we move the whole thing one step forward, so we You can start preparing to leave! One teacher said, after he finished speaking, another large group of people really couldn't wait, they were very excited. I want to see what the inside of the sky is like, including thinking about a safe and worry-free life in the second half of my life after I return from the sky one day. I just think about this kind of thing now, and I feel so excited ah!

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    Oh, okay. . . Okay. Vuong Han couldn't help but say: "Next time I will pay attention, try my best not to let this kind of thing happen again, but this time, forget it, just run away. It's okay, I'm just fighting." It's just the ring, there are rules that say I can't escape, I didn't run away, at the very least, they didn't give me a life or death order. , I'm only condemning me from a moral perspective. It's okay, This matter is trivial, if it weren't for this, a person like me would have been scolded to death a long time ago."